Language Bus 31

Language Bus 31

On the occasion of the "Lange Nacht der Sprachen" (Long Night of Languages) in September 2010, the association [spiːk], treffpunkt sprachen / Plurilingualism Research Unit, and Akademie Graz offered a tour with the “language bus 31”.

The bus line 31 passes through the entire urban area of Graz and thus visits a number of different districts – from Straßgang in the Southwest to Geidorf in the Northeast of Graz.

Just as diverse as the districts are the living spaces along the route. The journey through the linguistic and urban landscapes of Graz as part of the “Lange Nacht der Sprachen” 2010 presented the population of Graz with the unique opportunity to explore and get to know the cultural and linguistic diversity of the city.

On the bus, six mini language courses on different languages spoken in Graz were offered. This way, passengers could learn to greet each other in Swahili, name basic food items in Slovenian, ask for directions in Berber, fill out a form for childcare allowance in Dari, count and write in Chinese and express gratitude in Chechen. The topics of the language courses can be found in the language bus’s accompanying booklet.

Sprachenbuslinie 31
FOTO: Lupispuma

Additionally, sociological and linguistic information on each of the districts and areas was given during the bus ride. Members of the “Theater im Bahnhof” (“train station theater”) did a great job teaching participants interesting facts about the top 5 nationalities, the average age, the availability of doctors and the air quality in the different districts. At the same time, treffpunkt sprachen / Plurilingualism Research Unit offered “facts & figures” on the multilingualism of Graz and the world along the way.

At the end of the bus ride, participants received a certificate to verify that they have successfully completed the journey through the linguistic and urban landscapes of Graz. Because of the great success of the language bus line 31, the event was offered a second time – slightly adapted – as part of a Pestalozzi seminar for teachers in March 2011.


A cooperation of [spiːk], treffpunkt sprachen / Plurilingualism Research Unit of the University of Graz, Akademie Graz, Theater im Bahnhof and Pavelhaus – Pavlova hiša

Presentation and dramaturgy: Eva Hofer, Lorenz Kabas (Theater im

Concept (language bus): Barbara Schrammel-Leber and Astrid Kury in cooperation with Eva Hofer, Lorenz Kabas, Magdaline Okumu, Abdul Assini, Sulichan Asueva, Sara Kondert, Susi Weitlaner, Hong-Ling Yang

Idea (bus line 31): Rainer Rosegger

Data research: Elisa Rosegger-Purkrabek, Rainer Rosegger

Language teachers: Magdaline Achieng (Swahili), Abdul Assini (Berber), Sulichan Asueva (Chechen), Sara Kondert (Dari), Susi Weitlaner (Slovenian), Hong-Ling Yang (Chinese)

Documentation: Julia Laggner

Staff: Anna Windisch, Daniel Lorenz, Tobias Schrank

Organisation: Heidi Oswald, Barbara Schrammel-Leber

Kindly supported by bmukk and Graz AG