wir spechen uns

wir spechen uns

The animated short film wir sprechen uns by Julia Laggner and Andrea Markart displays the diverse multilingual reality of six fictional characters. The first sequence of the film introduces a seemingly monolingual person from Graz who switches between dialect and standard. His language choice depends on the situation: at home, he speaks Styrian but, while at work in a bank, he uses Austrian standard German. The film shows a multilingual reality which differs from person to person and according to nationality and context. A family from Chechnya uses Chechen, Russian, and German in her daily life. A Bosnian father uses German at the administrative office, speaks Bosnian with his children, and switches to English when approached by a passerby.

Six short sequences show how speakers from Graz use language in a flexible way. It illustrates that people access languages in different ways: while some struggle with their rusty French when talking with a French-speaking customer, others easily access different languages und mix them depending on their current conversational partner.

The audio recordings stem from ‘real’ multilingual people from Graz. In the future, the film will help to illustrate multilingualism in Graz and will be disseminated in courses at the University of Graz. In addition, wir sprechen uns will be presented at conferences and film festivals.




A film by Julia Laggner and Andrea Markart

Matthias Ohner, Sophia Laggner, Jessie Servenai, Susanne Weitlaner, Rezka Kanzian, Joy Juwe-Schwinger, Fiston Mwanza, Karine Fritz Some, Sulichan Dzingaev, Jakub Dzingaev, Filip Ilić, Wolfgang Rappel, Sanja Šimić, Jan Ilić, Vinzenz Laggner, Karl Kordes, Hong-Ling Yang

Emanuel Wilding - soundküche

Barbara Schrammel-Leber, treffpunkt sprachen / Plurilingualismus

We are grateful for the support by ORF Steiermark.

Sponsored by CINE-ART Steiermark

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