Linguistic Diversity in Graz

Linguistic Diversity in Graz

Initiatives, Challenges, and Needs at Public Institutions

Public institutions are central meeting points for people and thus intersections of linguistic interaction. Communication in certain situations poses a challenge in a city like Graz, which possesses great ethnic and linguistic heterogeneity. Visiting a doctor, official authorities or using a public service requires the concerns and needs to be met as ideally as possible. In such cases both sides – staff and clients – profit from mutual understanding.

The aim of the study is the closer investigation of 60 institutions in different areas (services, the health sector, social institutions, etc.) with regard to their handling of linguistic diversity. This will show which languages are present where and to what extent, and which languages have already taken root in these institutions. Furthermore, institutions often develop innovative measures that allow us to infer conclusions for possible future practices when encountering linguistic diversity.

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A project by treffpunkt sprachen / Plurilingualism Research Unit at University of Graz

Persons responsible: Christina Korb, Barbara Schrammel-Leber, Kerstin Gruber, Anna Windisch

Photographs: CP Pictures

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